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Approved by:
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Diabetes Training Programs 


DMA offers its programs for CE and CME credits through a variety of health care professional and other educator organizations.

Approved HCP, Educator, & Fitness Organizations:

Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists (ADCES):

"ADCES7 Self Care Behaviors: Being Active" 

     Module in 7-CEC course offered for $149.00

ADCES7: Being Active

Diabetes Medication Therapy Management:

MTM Module 7: "Exercise for Better Health"

2 CPE as part of 13 CPE, 27-credit hour course for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians for $149

MTM Module 7

UCSF Advanced Management of Diabetes:

Module 1: "Clinical Management of Adult Diabetes" (includes "Exercise Basics, Benefits, and Recommendations" and "Prescribing Exercise for People with Type 2")

10 CME for $199 per module or 30 CME for $499 for the 3-module certificate course

UCSF Module 1

Human Kinetics: The Athlete's Guide to Diabetes 

"Online CE Exam" (based on book's content)

Approved for CEs by 31 different organizations ($69)

HK CE Exam only ($69)

HK Print Book + CE Exam ($89)

HK E-Book + CE Exam ($79)

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM):

"Diabetes for the Exercise Professional" (2023)

All-level, special populations course ($180)--6 CEC

ACSM All-Level Course

American Council on Exercise (ACE):

Diabetes Training Program (3 levels): 

0.6 CEC for ACE Level 1 ($149)

0.5 CEC for ACE Level 2 ($149)

     0.5 CEC for ACE Level 3 ($149)   


NSPA Approved for 6 CEUs

NPTI Approved as specialty education

Outside the USA:


MedeXN Fitness Institute (MFI, Canada-based):


"Diabetes Exercise Specialist" (DES) Certification 

3-level program ($499 Canadian for bundle) 

MFI Diabetes Exercise Specialist

"Working with Clients with Diabetes or Prediabetes" 

By level only ($189 Canadian per course) 

MFI Level 1 Course

MFI Level 2 Course

MFI Level 3 Course

DMA All-Level Content:

All DMA training programs were created by Dr. Sheri Colberg, one of the world's leading authorities on exercise and diabetes, serving to educate health and fitness professionals.


Diabetes overview: key terms, diabetes and prediabetes basics (such as diagnosis, A1C, and time in range), gestational diabetes, when to get a checkup first


Motion overview: fitness basics, physiology basics, hormonal responses, exercise energy systems, insulin resistance and its reversal, weight loss and maintenance

Diabetes motion training: cardio, resistance, flexibility, core, and balance training basics, unstructured activities, maximizing muscle mass and insulin action, debunking myths


Diabetes motion basics: blood glucose monitoring, oral medications, injected (non-insulin) meds, use of insulin, medication exercise effects, effects of food, low-carb eating, supplements (amino acids, creatine, sports drinks, vitamins, caffeine, and more), injuries


Diabetes motion specifics: meters and continuous monitors, normal responses, how motion factors affect blood glucose, adjusting exercise food intake, adjusting meds and insulin for exercise, hypoglycemia (and unawareness), hyperglycemia, sprinting effects, hydration, troubleshooting tips


Special considerations: health complications overview, overweight or obese clients, older clients, youth with diabetes, training trends, female concerns, athletes and performance issues


Motion motivation: why people stop exercising, motivational interviewing, overcoming exercise barriers (and quiz), effective goal setting, using technology for motivation, getting emotionally fit through activity


View content overview for all 3 training levels

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