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For Certified Personal Trainers and Other Fitness Professionals

Complete Diabetes Training and Earn Valuable Continuing Education
Diabetes Training Program
Level 1


Get educated! Arm yourself with more knowledge about how to guide your clients with diabetes or prediabetes to be active safely and effectively. As a Level 1 Diabetes Trainer, you can work with almost anyone once you’ve mastered the basics about diabetes and exercise.


Diabetes Training Program
Level 2


Be in even more demand by taking your knowledge up a notch! With a Level 2 Diabetes Trainer certificate of completion, you’ll get extra clients and work with them more effectively than ever before, which will keep them coming back for your expert guidance.


Diabetes Training Program
Level 3


An elite diabetes professional! Becoming a Level 3 Diabetes Trainer through this course is the elite standard in diabetes education for CPTs and other fitness professionals. You are now in a select group with an in-demand specialization and brand in all types of diabetes.

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