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Be More Active

Work with Clients:


Type 1 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes


Gestational diabetes

Webinar: "Working with Clients with Diabetes or Prediabetes: What You Really Need to Know"

Updated with a new video in 2021


  • Are Burpees good to have your clients start with?

  • Is CrossFit training okay for people with diabetes?

  • What about the high-intensity interval training fad?

  • Should your clients focus on balance and flexibility?

  • How is type 1 diabetes different from type 2 diabetes?

  • What special challenges do insulin users face?

  • Can people work around their common health issues?

While DMA's programs can't be beat for their extensive, in-depth professional content and for giving you CE credits, everyone needs at least some basic knowledge about working with clients with diabetes or prediabetes.

Below you can access a 40-minute, completely free overview webinar that teaches you the basics about working with these clients, both safely and effectively.

Click on the video below to start your free webinar.

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