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diabetes or prediabetes

Diabetes Motion Academy is the premier educational resource for being active with diabetes or prediabetes.


It provides access to continuing education and other programs about physical activity with diabetes for all fitness professionals, certified personal trainers, certified diabetes care and education specialists, registered dietitians, health coaches, physical therapists, physicians and PAs, nurses, and many others. It also provides programming for people with type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, and gestational diabetes.

Are You a Personal Trainer or Fitness Professional?


Increase your client and knowledge base by completing courses in diabetes and earn approved continuing education (CE) credits! One in three Americans has diabetes or prediabetes, and these conditions require special precautions during exercise training to avoid injuries.


Do yourself and your clients a favor and reach the summit of knowledge by becoming one of an elite class of certified personal trainers and fitness professionals. Also use the MedFit Network to better market your newfound skills to attract more clients. 

DMA offers a free webinar and specialization courses through various certifying organizations, including ACSM and ACE, all created by Dr. Sheri Colberg, a world-renowned motion expert. Learn from the best!

Reach the Summit of Knowledge


Diabetes Motion Academy offers diabetes courses and continuing education credits through accredited organizations for fitness professional and personal trainers (and soon for other professionals). At a minimum, you will gain critical knowledge!


If you need more information about being active safely and effectively with either diabetes or prediabetes, we offer various other programs and information through DMA.

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